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Disaster relief shelters can be used for many purposes.A disaster can strike at any time and you never know when you might need an instant shelter or a portable shelter. Our disaster relief shelters are easy to set-up, comfortable to live in for temporary housing, and durable. The perfect emergency shelter for emergency situations. It can be used as a Military tent or a medicaltent in deprived places. Our disaster relief shelters make a convenient instant shelter for all types of scenarios.

You never know when an emergency might come up. Be prepared by owning a disaster relief shelter, promising safety for you and your loved ones. These are also perfect for refugee use, by providing safety and shelter in impoverished areas.

In light of recent events, earthquake relief is essential. In the Haiti earthquake and now the Chile earthquake, disaster relief shelters have become perfect earthquake relief shelters. We are now providing earthquake relief shelters for the survivors of the Chile earthquake.

We guarantee to have the lowest prices, when you buy factory direct. Also, different sizes for each product assure a match for what you are looking for. All products we carry are made with high quality galvanized steel. We also understand that when it comes to diaster relief, time is of the essence. We promise that we will do everything in our power to ship within 24-48 hours.

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