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Why Choose Affordable Housing by ShelterIt

disaster relief shelter

We founded the largest shelter company in the USA called Cover-it instant Garages. We started the company in 1990 and engineered all the shelters that are on the market today. As Cover-It (later known as North American Outdoor Products LLC), we sold well over 300,000 units for disaster relief victims around the world. We sold the company in 2004 and started an new shelter company Called Shelter-IT. We manufacture many products: Disaster Relief Shelters, Portable Shelters, Disaster Relief Flooring, Steel Housing, and Steel Buildings. Our factory in China totals 200,000 Square ft.

In 1999 an earthquake struck Turkey. Our disaster relief shelters were preferred over many others as an ultimate disaster relief shelter solution. In December of 2002 FEMA purchased approximately 2,000 disaster relief shelters from us. A typhoon in Guam left thousands homeless and our shelters were a perfect fit for their needs.

ShelterIT Haiti- was born in direct response to the devastating 2010 earthquake. Within days we had boots on the ground- providing temporary shelter and new found hope for Haiti victims. Emergency housing, medical shelters, shade protection, safe buildings and transitional shelters were deployed saving life's and helping the people of Haiti rebuild and restore. Since then, ShelterIt has evolved into a full scale design, build and construction services company offering Haitians affordable quality construction and materials.